Exc.Stud . Chuo University - Japan (UGM only)

The Short-term Study Program (student exchange program) is a program in which international students take courses or conduct research at Chuo University for one semester or one year as an integral part of their degree program at their home institutions, transferring credits and/or academic achievements gained at Chuo University to their home institutions. The participants will be placed as full-time non-degree students at a specific undergraduate faculty or graduate school at Chuo University, according to the students’ major/minor at their home institutions.

The program consists of three components: educational program, intercultural program, and orientation program. In the educational program, students take Japanese language courses designed specifically for non-degree international students. In parallel with the Japanese language courses, the students take regular academic courses, which are generally taught in Japanese, throughout their study period at Chuo University, together with degree-seeking international students as well as Japanese students. In the intercultural program, students participate in various intercultural programs and activities on- and off-campus. In the orientation program, students participate in orientation programs which are designed to effectively facilitate the students’ adjustment process to Japanese culture as well as their readjustment process to their home cultures.

There will be JASSO scholarship for selected students. Universitas Gadjah Mada and Chuo University cannot guarantee that the applicants will be accepted by JASSO as grantees.

Eligibility for Application

  1. 2nd or 3rd year undergraduate students of Universitas Gadjah Mada from Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Law
  2. Minimum GPA 3,00
  3. Level 1 (N1) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). For students from Faculty of Engineering, high proficiency of Japanese Language is required since the class will be held in Japanese

Required Documents

  1. Surat pencalonan dari dekan ditujukan kepada Kepala KUI
  2. Application form, with 3×4cm photo attached
  3. Certificate of Health
  4. Housing Application
  5. Study Plan in English/Japan
  6. Academic Transcript
  7. Japanese Language Proficency Test certificate

Please submit two (2) sets of your application to Office of International Affairs. Deadline: 21 October 2010

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